The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 2.0

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What is it?

This Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 2.0 is a new and improved version of our all-time best selling weight loss package that has helped over 13,000 women lose weight and feel amazing.

It’s the complete 3-month system for women who want help with reducing stubborn weight the easiest and fastest way possible, without restrictive diets and exhausting workouts. 

It contains 5 Happy Mammoth formulas in total, along with simple videos and documents that help women reach their desired weight — in a way that is simple to follow, comfortable, and fun!

We do NOT encourage restrictive diets or working out 5 days a week…

In fact, we will encourage you to eat more…

And guide you through the most fun weight loss experience you’ve ever had!

What Does This System Consist Of?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 2.0 includes 5 formulas in total. Each of the 5 formulas in the protocol is specifically chosen for its ability to remove a major block that is now standing in the way of reaching that ideal weight.

You will take 2 formulas the first month, 2 formulas the next month, and 1 formula the last month. Each month paves the way for the next month.

Month 1 – Detox & Debloat:

NewSlim SuperGreens: Gently detoxes the body and helps regulate bowel movements – while also providing optimal nutrients to support women’s weight loss.

Unlike most green powders out there, NewSlim Supergreens tastes amazing – without any sugar or artificial sweeteners added!

Simply mix 1 spoon of powder into a glass of plant-based milk or any cold drink of your choice. You can also add it to a blender and make your favorite smoothie!

Bloat Banisher: Provides relief from bloating and digestive discomfort – thanks to the custom blend of digestive enzymes and a soothing mix of herbal extracts.

Helps women enjoy delicious, nourishing meals without feeling bogged down and painfully bloated – and it helps optimize digestion for more efficient weight loss.

Bloat Banisher should be taken right before eating your main meals of the day. Simply take 3 capsules and just wait for the magic to begin!

Month 2 – Metabolism & Balance:

NewSlim Complete Protein Meal: You get to try our brand NEW product before everyone else! NewSlim Complete Protein Meal is our latest addition – and it’s perfect for women trying to lose weight.

It can replace a whole meal if you’re looking to reduce calories without robbing the body of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Or you can simply add it to your favorite smoothie for extra protein and essential nutrients to support the body through weight loss.

Hormone Harmony: Helps balance key hormones that can play an important role in weight loss – including stress hormones such as cortisol, which can block weight loss.

Hormone Harmony is made of adaptogenic plants that help the body adapt to hormonal changes and other stressors – so it’s suitable for women of all ages and any hormonal profile.

Simply take 3 capsules in the morning or any other time you find suitable. You can take them all at once or disperse them throughout the day.

Month 3 – Repair & Restore:

Complete Gut Repair: A powerful collagen formula that fully supports the body through the weight loss process. It helps soothe achy joints and muscle, which helps keep women active and burn more calories. It also helps repair the gut lining for optimal use of nutrients and accelerated weight loss. 

Complete Gut Repair is not just about repairing the gut. It’s a powerful collagen formula that fully supports the body through the weight loss process.It helps soothe achy joints and muscle, which helps keep women active and burn more calories. for accelerated weight loss.

Complete Gut Repair is a tasty powder formula that you can add to a simple glass of water, plant-based milk or to your favorite smoothie.


Read the most frequently asked questions about the system.

Our supplements contain only 100% natural ingredients in their most bioavailable form. They're free from fillers, preservatives, corn, GMOs, food colouring, artificial flavours, artificial additives, or other toxic junk that would prevent the ingredients from working.

Month 1: NewSlim SuperGreens & Bloat Banisher

Month 2: NewSlim Complete Protein Meal & Hormone Harmony

Month 3: Complete Gut Repair

The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 2.0 comes with easy step-by-step instructions that our star nutritionist Sarah Kimber has created.

These instructions show exactly how to take each of these formulas, in what order, and for how long… Plus, how to follow your easy protocol to get the fastest results.

This way, you can eliminate the guesswork and unnecessary effort that can lead to less-than-ideal results.

Although our products are all natural supplements, and we do have customers with specific health conditions use them, we always recommend consulting a healthcare professional first to assess whether it’s suitable - just to be sure.

They'll also be able to assess whether they products are suitable to be taken alongside any medication you're on.

Although our products are all natural supplements, we always recommend speaking with your healthcare professional before starting to take - to be sure.

All of our products are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. However, although rare, they may contain traces as they are made in a facility that also uses them.

All the powder formulas have subtle natural flavors that mix perfectly with drinks or food, without tasting too sweet. That makes them perfect for mixing into a glass of water, almond milk, or your favorite smoothie.

The encapsulated formulas don’t have any particular taste.

Yes, The NEW and Improved Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 2.0 has been developed by a nutritional scientist with 17 years of experience and a certified nutritionist — and reviewed by a board of health clinicians.

All the formulas included in the protocol are based on scientific evidence and have thousands of raving reviews from women who take them every day.

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Protocol 2.0

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