Complete Belly Reset

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Complete Belly Reset contains scientifically proven ingredients that adapt to each person’s specific gut issues, for an effortless bowel movement every single day – without straining, excessive wiping, or wasting time on the toilet.

Finally, “backed up belly” is a thing of the past – no more feeling heavy and uncomfortable due to constipation bloat. Complete Belly Reset can naturally induce a sense of lightness and deep comfort in the belly – in just a matter of days.


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Simply mix 1 spoonful of delicious powder in a glass of plain water or plant-based milk, once or twice daily according to each person’s needs.

Any cold liquid. 

Any time of the day. 

Both can be a good choice. If you drink it on an empty stomach, it gives a very good feeling of fullness.

Results vary from one person to another, but we have formulated Complete Belly Reset to provide significant results in just 4-7 days – and also ensure long-lasting results when taken daily for 3+ months.

Complete Belly Reset comes in the form of a creamy rich powder that has a subtle natural vanilla flavor. Once mixed in water or plant-based milk, it is very similar to the taste of organic vanilla ice cream, with a luscious mouthfeel.

Learn More About the Complete Belly Reset

Learn more about our best selling product the Complete Belly Reset.  

What Is It? 

Complete Belly Reset is a natural system created by top naturopaths and doctors in Australia and the US, specifically formulated to help women end irregular bowel movements, chronic constipation, “backed up belly” aka severe bloat + foul-smelling gas, toxic overload in the body, and stubborn fat deposits (especially around the belly).

– Flush digestive sludge out of the body naturally, for a spectacular transformation in the shortest time possible (with long-lasting results!) 

  – Eliminate irregular bowel movements in 7 days or less no more straining, excessive wiping, or swinging from constipation to diarrhea and back (go ahead and throw those nasty laxatives in the rubbish bin!)   

  – Flatten the belly thanks to a potent anti-bloat herbal blend – so you can fit in that flattering pair of zip-up jeans any time of the day (and turn heads everywhere)

  – Cut cravings and unexplainable hunger right at the source and leave the stomach feeling full and satisfied 100% naturally, without starving the body of essential nutrients (this alone can stop uncontrollable weight gain in its tracks!) 

  – End the reign of the “fat apron” and allow the body to reach its ideal figure without any restrictive diets or forced exercise – simply by burning off unhealthy fat deposits around the belly!  

Complete Belly Reset contains natural ingredients that are backed by top-standard scientific studies – NO artificial fillers, flavors or GMOs! 

How Is Complete Belly Reset Different From Other Happy Mammoth Products?

Bloat Banisher

Acts as an emergency “digestive rescue” – thousands of our customers confirm that it soothes an upset stomach and deflates a bloated belly in 29 minutes or less. It can also silence food sensitivities when taken before heavy meals or trigger foods, with the help of our unique enzyme blend. 

Complete Belly Reset

Flushes out digestive gunk that may have been sitting in the gut, ends constipation, and regulates bowel movements (significant results in 7 days or less). It’s also proven to reduce waist circumference, BMI, bad cholesterol and blood sugar in overweight women

Complete Gut Repair

Helps rebuild the gut lining with a science-based dose of pure collagen and its essential building blocks – liposomal vitamin C and L-Glycine. The collagen can also rejuvenate the skin, hair and nails. Plus, it stops sugar cravings and provides a comfortable full feeling for hours. 

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Complete Belly Reset

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