FitSlim SuperGreens

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Aids in overcoming weight loss challenges
Our team of nutritional scientists has carefully selected FitSlim SuperGreens ingredients that help addressing factors associated with weight loss resistance and excessive fat retention. These factors may include challenges related to environmental toxins, stress, and undetected nutrient deficiencies.

Supports the body’s natural fat-burning potential

Premium ingredients like Aquamin F, Kale Powder, and Lemon Juice Powder are suggested to play a role in boosting metabolism, enhancing fat-burning capabilities, managing cravings, reducing excessive hunger, potentially lowering BMI and bad cholesterol. They aim to contribute without necessitating restrictive diets, strenuous workouts, or sacrifices.

Enhances the body’s fat-melting capacity to its potential maximum
The blend of plant extracts in this formula may contribute to cortisol and collaborate in promoting the body’s energy levels. Consuming one scoop of the powder helps provide a quick boost in energy, clarity, and mood. Additionally, it supports the body in enhancing its natural fat-burning capacity, aiding in weight management, and helping with carb cravings.

Product Highlights

✅ Start feeling calm from nutrients that support the body 
✅ Addresses nutrient deficiencies
✅ Curbs cravings without major lifestyle changes
✅ Provides sustained energy release throughout the day for no afternoon crash
✅ Ingredients tested and validated by scientific studies
✅Natural formula, optimally dosed for high potency


Read the most frequently asked questions about the product.

Yes, FitSlim SuperGreens is completely vegan-friendly (and fructose free too!)

Simply mix 1 scoop of FitSlim SuperGreens in a glass of water (or any other drink) and enjoy it to the last drop – because it tastes delicious!

FitSlim SuperGreens can be taken at ANY time of day to receive the full benefits. It can be taken on an empty stomach or as a sweet, healthy addition to any meal.

FitSlim SuperGreens pairs perfectly with Gut Repair. Together they work to maintain healthy digestion.

You can take both of these formulas together for maximum benefits.

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FitSlim SuperGreens

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