The Complete Superwoman System

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What is it?

The Complete Superwoman System contains the 2 best-selling Happy Mammoth formulas that work together to target and fix unique hormonal imbalances, reduce digestive distress like bloating and gas, and significantly reduce signs of aging on the skin, body, hair, nails, and joints.

This natural system helps bring back comfort, confidence, energy and focus into any woman’s life by ending crippling hormone imbalance, hormonal weight gain and cravings, and rapid aging triggered by hormonal changes. It also helps terminate brain fog, low energy and gut lining inflammation, laying the perfect foundation for a happy, healthy life.


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The Complete Superwomen System is made up of Hormone Harmony and Complete Gut Repair.  

 Hormone Harmony targets each woman’s unique hormonal imbalances

Complete Gut Repair effectively supports the digestive system

 Together they work synergistically to help women feel balanced and rejuvenated

Follow the recommendations for Hormone Harmony and Complete Gut Repair.

You can take these at the same time. However, if you experience any digestive discomfort, we’d recommend spacing them out, so your body isn’t overwhelmed with too many ingredients at once.

Any cold liquid.

Every formula in The Complete Hormone Synergy System is produced in small batches to maintain ultra high-quality levels in a HACCP and International Standards 9001 Certified facility in sunny Florida, USA.

Learn more about the products

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Hormone Harmony
Hormone Harmony is an extremely adaptogenic blend of specialized herbs that support the body in creating hormone balance. It can assist with both, too low or too high, hormone levels.
Complete Gut Repair
Complete Gut Repair supports the digestive system with ingredients shown to assist in the relief of occasional bloating, gas, food intolerances, fluid retention, irregular bowel movements and more!
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The Complete Superwoman System

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