Fermented Happy Fibre

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This multi fibre source feeds the billions of good bacteria that make up the gut microbiome. These tiny bacteria control overall health and encourage rapid production of important digestive enzymes.


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Certified 100% Organic Green Lady Finger Bananas grown in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

You can take this first thing in the morning for satiety and a happiness boost, with a glass of filtered water or sprinkled in a smoothie or on breakfast.

Fermented Happy Fibre can also be used at any time of the day as a flour substitute.

Any cold liquid.

Any time of day.

Fermented Happy Fibre has a controlled and natural fermentation process, which is under the Australian Sun. It doesn’t use any additives, including no yeasts or sugars.

This product is proudly Australian and is derived from 100% Certified Organic, natural and ethically sourced green bananas.

1 serving is 10 grams, which is 4.5 grams of prebiotic carbs, per serving.

Each serve (10g) contains 1.2g of natural sugar coming from green lady finger bananas.

Each serve (10g) contains 36 calories full of healthy servings of protein and carbohydrates.

This superfood contains three types of fibre (soluble, insoluble and fermented) making it the ultimate prebiotic multi-fibre resistant starch source.

We take pride in knowing that our product uses a method called NutraLock™. This technology has been proven to ‘lock in’ the important nutrients at a rate of 20-50 times higher than conventional heat processing techniques (unlike other variations that tend to use nasty heat processing that kills off all the beneficial nutrients, including resistant starch).

NutraLock technology is a fully in line, cold, raw, low speed food processing technique developed by the producers of our green banana fibre.

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What Is It? 

Happy Fermented Fibre (produced utilising NutraLock) contains the number one source of resistant starch in the world- 100% Organic Australian grown green bananas. This superfood contains all three types of fibre (soluble, insoluble and fermented) making it the ultimate prebiotic multi-fibre resistant starch source.

What Are The Top 5 Benefits of Resistant Starch?

  • Helps Maintain Weight/Assists With Weight Loss
    Unlike regular starch, resistant starch passes through your small intestine without being digested, meaning it contains very few calories, and funnily enough, keeps you feeling nice and full! It does this by making sure your blood sugar levels remain steady, leading to increased fat burning, and therefore, assisting with weight loss.

    One particular study of interest examined the effects of a meal high in resistant starch compared to one lacking and found that people on a resistant starch food plan increased fat oxidation and enhanced feelings of fullness, resulting in a considerable amount of weight loss. Similarly, an additional study found that overweight and obese participants taking dietary supplements of resistant starch reported reduced feelings of constant hunger and had beneficial effects on various cardiovascular risk-factors.

  • Promotes A Healthier Colon Environment
    Resistant starch contains a high concentration of the fatty acid butyrate, which gets absorbed by our cells and is used for energy. As well as this, it also prevents our cells from mutations and protects us from colon damage. A healthy colon means that any toxins you’ve absorbed with food will stay safely out of your bloodstream.

    Its effectiveness was proved in a study, which supplemented a resistant starch diet and found that it significantly decreased reports of stress, which in turn, reduced inflammation and damage to the colon lining.

    In fact, recent research suggests that resistant starch can be a protective agent against colon cancer. A study testing this correlation performed a diet swap with one group having a diet high in meat and the other high in fibre (mostly in the form of resistant starch from corn porridge). After it’s 2-week completion, those on the resistant starch diet had more than doubled their butyrate levels and also lowered other biomarkers linked to colon cancer.

  • Reduces Harmful “Bad” LDL Cholesterol Levels
    As fibre passes through the digestive system, it flushes away waste, harmful toxins, and LDL (bad) cholesterol from your system.

    A recent study found that those on a resistant starch enriched food plan resulted in a loss of abnormal fat levels (LDL) in their blood, setting them up for improved heart health. Similarly, the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Association concluded that eating resistant starch-enriched flour over a 2-week period played a part in lowering total cholesterol by about 7% compared to a control diet lacking resistant starch.

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Fermented Happy Fibre

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