The Complete Hormone Synergy System

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What is it?

The Complete Hormone Synergy System is a package that contains 3 Happy Mammoth formulas that work together to target and fix unique hormonal imbalances, boost essential nutrient intake for women of all ages, and significantly reduce signs of aging on the skin, body, hair, nails, and joints.

This natural system helps bring back comfort, confidence, energy and focus into any woman’s life by ending crippling hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies and rapid aging triggered by hormonal changes.

It also helps terminate brain fog, low energy and gut lining inflammation, laying the perfect foundation for a happy, healthy life.


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The Complete Hormone Synergy System is made up of Hormone Harmony, Hormone Harmony PLUS and Prebiotic Collagen Protein.  

 Hormone Harmony targets each person’s unique hormonal imbalances

✔ Hormone Harmony PLUS+ boosts women’s essential nutrients intake 

✔ Prebiotic Collagen Protein effectively reduces signs of aging inside and out

Follow the recommendations for Hormone Harmony, Hormone Harmony PLUS+, and Prebiotic Collagen Protein.

You can take these at the same time. However, if you experience any digestive discomfort, we’d recommend spacing them out, so your body isn’t overwhelmed with too many ingredients at once.

Any cold liquid.

Every formula in The Complete Hormone Synergy System is produced in small batches to maintain ultra high-quality levels in a TGA, HACCP and International Standards 9001 Certified facility in sunny Queensland, Australia and Sydney, Australia.

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The Complete Hormone Synergy System

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