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Have specific questions about Happy Mammoth products you’re looking to get answered? Below we’ve compiled all of our most asked questions into one place so you can get answers instantly!

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I Want to Know If Your Supplements Are…


Some of our products come with ingredients in tightly encapsulated, plant-based capsules. Our products contain 100% natural ingredients that don’t contain additives, which mask natural ingredients’ way of behaving, not wrapped in the coating of pharmaceutical glaze of a tablet.

If your capsule has a slight flavour to it, or the smell of the potent ingredients comes through a little, this is nothing to be concerned about. It’s common to experience this when choosing natural, potent ingredients that offer tremendous health benefits.

If you find this to be the case, just keep the lid off your supplement for a while to air the jar out and wash your capsules under cold water.

Powdered Supplements

You can find the flavours for each supplement by clicking here. 

Many of our supplements are vegan-friendly. You can find the ingredients for each product by clicking here. 

The only product that isn’t suitable for men is Hormone Harmony, as this has been designed specifically for women.

Absolutely! All our products undergo extensive testing using world-class laboratory detectors, including heavy metal testing.

If you are concerned you are experiencing any side effects, we recommend consulting your health care provider.

When you switch to a new diet, flooding your body with new ingredients, you may experience some temporary discomfort. The same as when you initially start going to the gym. For the first couple of weeks, your muscles might be sore, or you may feel tired. It may take a week or so for you to ride out the initial transition period that your body is going through before you start reaping the benefits of your new activity.

For example, you may find initially that you experience a little more bloating/gas. This is because when using our products that help with gas build-up and the digestion of food, it will start being released, resulting in a temporary increase in gas.

Potentially, you may become a little more constipated, as your digestive system is detoxing, repairing, and healing. Not everybody experiences this, but if you do, please don’t be concerned. We’d simply recommend for you to lower your serving size and gradually work your way up, so your body has a more gradual introduction.

The temporary discomfort that may occur is due to significant, positive changes happening beneath the surface are just short-term roadblocks on your journey toward better health. They will settle down as your body adjusts.

Our supplements contain 100% natural ingredients.

However, we always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider before starting to take any new supplements especially if you have a health condition or are on any kind of medication. They have an in-depth understanding of your health status, conditions, and medications, including your baseline level of health and other factors. They’ll be able to recommend whether our supplements are suitable for you to take.

You can find the ingredients for all our products above, and we recommend taking them with you when you visit.

If you have difficulties finding this information from your GP, we recommend working alongside a naturopath, a naturopathic doctor, or functional medicine doctor.

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, have had a hysterectomy, are taking contraceptives, HRT, or any other medications, we recommend discussing these supplements with your healthcare provider BEFORE starting any new products. They will be able to answer all questions and provide personalized guidance for your health.

The length of time is dependent on the product and your own health goals.

For specific answers to this question, please review Supplements. 

Our supplements are designed for adult use only. Anyone under 18 should consult with their physician before introducing any new supplement products.

You can see immediate effects with many of our supplements. However, there are varying factors that can determine how long it takes to see results that are based on your own unique circumstances. Let’s break them down…

  • If you have severe or long-term challenges that have taken place for a long-time, your body will take longer to heal and repair.
  • If you’re extremely deficient in particular vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-dense foods, it may take time to rectify the deficiency and take longer to build them back up to optimal levels.
  • Certain lifestyle factors and habits, such as drinking alcohol and smoking, can cause malabsorption. If you drink a lot of caffeine, this can also block the absorption of certain nutrients, such as vitamin B6, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Poor sleep, not drinking enough water, living a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, and long-term extended stress levels can also greatly impact this.
  • It’s important to be consistent in taking your supplements. Forgetting your daily serving won’t cause any serious problems, but inconsistently taking them will impact how well your supplements work. Taking supplements consistently can help to provide a constant supply of essential nutrients for your body, supporting your health and well-being in the most impactful way.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and no two people starting a new supplement regime begin their journey at the same starting point. The same as if two people started going to the gym together, factors like their current fitness levels, the baseline level of health, weight to lose, age, and so on, will impact how long it takes to see results.

Our biggest piece of advice is to focus on the foundation of your health and lifestyle, so you’ll start seeing results faster.

Our products are produced in small batches to maintain high-quality levels. We manufacture them in the Netherlands, following strict European Union safety standards. These are the world's leading standards in ingredient, production, and final product quality certifications and testing benchmarks.

No! Our vegetable capsules are 100% Hypromellose (HPMC), which is plant-based dietary fibre.

HPMC is a plant-based product, purified form of cellulose, obtained from wood pulp. It’s a great alternative for those who want to avoid using gelatin capsules.

We recommend storing your supplements in a cool, dry place to enjoy all of their benefits.

If you stop taking your supplements, you can work to maintain the results you’ve achieved using diet and lifestyle. However, we find that this is difficult for many of our customers to do, so continued supplementation is the best way forward.

If you stop taking your supplements, it means that the specific mineral, vitamin, and herbal components would not be a part of your regular diet. Your developments will not regress overnight. However, this could potentially result in your body not having the specific building blocks available that are necessary for optimal health, resulting in a possible regression over a period of time.

This differs on a case-by-case basis, as everybody responds differently, and various other factors are involved.

Many supplements are packed full of artificial fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, binding agents, harmful ingredients, and other additives your body doesn't need. They also don’t adapt to your own unique needs, are under-dosed, and are not backed by science.

They may also treat only 1 or 2 symptoms, whereas our products have been formulated to get to the root cause of your challenges by addressing multiple trigger points.

They may also have not been extensively tested for heavy metals, residues, pesticides, bacteria, and more, which can be highly detrimental to your health.

We’re proud to offer you 100% pure, natural ingredients using 100% organic and fair sources that have been chosen by world-leading health experts. The ingredients work synergistically for the best results and are backed by science, getting to the root cause of your challenges.

We source only the highest quality ingredients from suppliers we have built up trusted relationships with over a long period of time. This has been after months of research and in-person meetings and regular visitations. It's imperative that we know, with absolute confidence, that our ingredients are grown in the very best conditions, harvested with the best methods, and looked after by skilled workers. All of these things work to make up the quality of an end ingredient, and we only offer the very best.

They also undergo in-depth testing, with a 9-step quality control process that guarantees the highest quality possible.

Absolutely! All of our supplements are naturally free from gluten, dairy, GMOs, corn, and soy.

Our products are manufactured in a facility where other products are made. The machines are sanitized to a high standard. However, if you are celiac or have a severe allergy, we wouldn’t recommend taking our products in case there are any microscopic traces left.

This can be completely normal since our supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added additives or stabilizers.

From batch to batch, some of them may have weaker or stronger pigmentation or taste, as you receive the ingredients in their purest, most unadulterated, natural form. The same as if you buy fruit or vegetables at the market. Nature naturally grows these ingredients, they’re not artificially manufactured.

Don’t worry, the quality of the supplement is the same and the benefits you receive will not change.

No, it just depends on your personal flavouring preferences.

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