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EstroControl is a premium natural formula that helps the body get rid of excess estrogen by supporting liver detoxification. 

EstroControl helps eliminate stubborn hormonal symptoms — such as PMS, acne, irregular cycles, heavy periods, debilitating belly cramps, and hormonal weight gain. It also helps prevent breast lumps, uterine fibroids, and abnormal cell growth caused by dangerous levels of estrogen in the body. And, ultimately, it helps ease hormonal chaos during perimenopause without risky hormonal treatments.  

Every day, we’re assaulted by hundreds of chemicals from the environment that mimic the effect of estrogen in the body. They are called xenoestrogens – and once we come in contact with these chemicals, they flood our hormonal system and artificially drive up estrogen levels in the body. The science-backed ingredients in EstroControl help detoxify these fake toxic estrogens out of the system, for a healthy estrogen level 100% naturally.  

With a healthy level of estrogen in the body, any woman can finally break free from the hormonal nightmare she may have been stuck in for years (or decades!). That means leaving the week-long PMS in the past, along with those awful belly cramps that can be incapacitating. Bonus: That pair of jeans that looks amazing but feels too tight around the thighs? Once the hormonal weight starts to shift, they can fit like a glove. 

Product Highlights

  • Stop Estrogen Dominance and Perimenopause chaos naturally – and reach a healthy hormonal balance without risky treatments
  • Goodbye to that terrible PMS that fills a whole week with mood swings and irritability, aches and pains, acne and bloating, water retention and sluggishness
  • Supports a naturally slim figure by blocking stubborn hormonal weight from piling up around the waist, hips and thighs – without quitting delicious foods!
  • Helps women feel comfortable every day of the month, without disabling period pains that force last-minute cancellations of plans and taking time off work 
  • Science-backed ingredients help ease estrogen dominance and perimenopause chaos, all the way to menopause – 100% naturally, without risky hormonal treatments
  • No-Stress Purchase thanks to the No-Questions-Asked 60-day money-back guarantee — 1,947 women have already tried it risk-free! 


Read the most frequently asked questions about the product.

EstroControl is a natural detox formula that helps the liver detoxify toxic estrogens, so women can feel like themselves every day of the month.

It’s specifically formulated to help women reduce menstrual, premenstrual, and perimenopause symptoms such as PMS, irregular cycles, period pains, mood swings, and hormonal weight gain.

EstroControl was created by accredited doctors, naturopaths, and chemical scientists in Australia and Canada, only with natural ingredients that are scientifically proven in clinical trials.

The encapsulated formula has been designed to...

✅ Help eliminate that terrible PMS that fills a whole week with mood swings and irritability, aches and pains, acne and bloating, water retention and sluggishness

✅ Support a naturally slim figure by blocking stubborn hormonal weight from piling up around the waist, hips and thighs – without quitting delicious foods!

✅ Help women feel comfortable every day of the month, without disabling period pains that force last-minute cancellations of plans and taking time off work

EstroControl only contains natural ingredients that are backed by top-standard scientific studies - NO artificial fillers, flavours or GMOs!

EstroControl was specifically formulated for premenopausal women of all ages (18-menopause) who are experiencing any of the following:

😩 PMS that turns the body and the mind into sworn enemies

😩 Hormonal acne, especially on the jawline, face, and back

😩 Fatigue that makes climbing up a flight of stairs challenging

😩 Sore breasts or breast lumps that hurt, especially during PMS

😩 Raging anger and mood swings that may feel like a roller coaster

😩 Unstoppable cravings that call for sweet treats or fatty foods 24/7

😩 Painful bloating that turns zip-up jeans into a torture device

😩 Period cramps that incapacitate the whole body for at least a day

😩 Perimenopause chaos that’s much worse than what’s “normal”

😩 Weight gain and fluid retention that change the body shape

EstroControl is designed to help the liver detoxify artificial, toxic estrogens from the environment – such as air pollution, plastics, and pesticides.

So it’s essential for women who:

⚠️ Use cosmetics, cleaning products, and fragranced products (including deodorant and perfume)

⚠️ Live or work in an urban or suburban area

⚠️ Buy food in plastic containers or packaging

⚠️ Use plastic containers and plastic wraps to store food

⚠️ Drink water from plastic bottles or plastic filter pitchers

⚠️ Buy food instead of growing it (and risk pesticide contamination)

⚠️ Wear non-organic fabrics (that contain plastic and artificial dyes)

All these things contain massive amounts of toxic estrogens – scientifically called xenoestrogens – that infiltrate the body and mimic the effect of estrogen, causing deep hormonal imbalances.

EstroControl helps the modern woman detoxify these chemicals out of the body so she can enjoy PMS-free months with regular cycles and stable moods.

EstroControl only contains premium natural ingredients that are safe, healthy and gentle on the body.

Plus, every single batch of EstroControl is Triple-Tested for Purity, Quality and Accurate Dosage. This way, we know for a fact that every jar of EstroControl matches the strict pharmaceutical-grade standards in USA.

However –

We do recommend our customers talk to their doctor before taking any of our supplements - especially if there are any underlying health conditions. We want you to be safe and make the most of our natural products!

Getting rid of debilitating PMS, hormonal acne, period pains, irregular cycles, and mood swings has never been easier!

Take 3 small capsules with water or any other beverage you like, preferably with food.

It only takes 10 seconds and it gives the liver the power to detoxify the toxic estrogens that are constantly assaulting the body, causing Estrogen Dominance and Perimenopause chaos

Results vary from one person to another, but we have formulated EstroControl to act fast – and also provide long-lasting results when taken daily for at least 3-4 weeks.

Here’s what most women experience after taking EstroControl:

12 hours

EstroControl has already started doing its magic. The body has started detoxing toxic estrogens better and faster, cleaning the system of these dangerous chemicals. That's all thanks to the natural ingredients in EstroControl that work together to build an “army” against toxic estrogens inside the liver, in just a matter of hours.

48 hours

One of the earliest signs of efficient detox is getting a lot of energy, especially in the first half of the day. This can manifest in different ways — feeling less sluggish, having the capacity to do things that would normally be exhausting, finding motivation and interest for new things, thinking faster and expressing oneself with more ease, or simply enjoying a great mood.

5-7 days

This is when women usually notice visible changes, along with a deep comfort in the body. The first signs of improvement are noticeable on the skin, which has become clearer and brighter. Digestion has also improved — which means less bloating after meals, more tolerance to different foods, more regular bowel movements, and better fitting clothes.

14 days

At the end of two weeks, most women noticed undeniable physical changes in the body. The constant discomfort had faded away and they’ve reported feeling deeply comfortable, light as a feather, and in an unshakable good mood every day. Their zest for life had returned and started being more active without any effort – which helped them lose extra weight more efficiently.

24-28 days

By this time, most women had started feeling crystal clear improvements in hormonal symptoms. Depending on where they were in their menstrual cycle, this meant a lighter PMS, clearer skin, no more bloating or puffiness, a normal flow, and/or deeper comfort during their period. They’ve also noticed stable moods and the capacity to remain calm under stress.

3+ months

After 3 months of daily use, most debilitating hormonal symptoms had disappeared — including PMS, irritability and low moods, acne, bloating, cravings, and excessive hormonal weight gain. Periods have become more regular, lighter, and milder. By this time, many women report feeling like their true selves once again, as life was no longer disrupted by hormonal chaos.

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