Bloat Banisher

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If you’re struggling with bloating and uncomfortable digestion, Bloat Banisher is here to help! This powerful blend of 7 enzymes automates a flawless digestion, so you can enjoy delicious meals and guilty pleasures without worry or discomfort. 

Bloat Banisher is also scientifically proven to flatten the tummy fast – many women see results right under their eyes. Say goodbye to bloating and hello to a flat, comfortable belly. 


Read the most frequently asked questions about the product.

  • You can take 3 capsules with the two largest meals of the day if needed (6 capsules, per day)
  • You can take them daily, or just before meals you know will cause bloating/digestive challenges

Any cold liquid.

You can take Bloat Banisher on the same day as other supplements, but we wouldn’t recommend taking them at the same time. Just leave a space of 5 to 10 minutes between taking your Bloat Banisher and other supplements.

Take anywhere from 30 minutes to right before you eat for the best results.

Absolutely, our Bloat Banisher was designed to help especially in situations of digestive fragility. It is low FODMAP friendly and can support with the digestion of foods even in aggravated environments.

Our Bloat Banisher contains 7 digestive enzymes that help to break down different types of ‘heavy’ foods (for example, bread, pasta, and other starch-rich foods) and assists with digestive challenges such as bloating, constipation, etc (among other things).

One of its ingredients is Curcumin. This is well known for its anti-inflammatory powers. It can kill bad bacteria and pathogens that destroy the gut, allowing healthy bacteria to flourish to stay healthy and to assist with weight loss.

It also contains Icelandic Red Algae. This populates your gut with healthy bacteria and can assist with weight loss by eliminating unhealthy fat-hoarding bacteria.

Bloat Banisher works perfectly with Complete Gut Repair.

Here’s an easy-to-follow summary of what each product does and how they work together to provide both INSTANT and long-lasting results:

Learn More About Bloat Banisher

Learn more about one of our most popular products, Bloat Banisher.

What Is It? 

Got 29 minutes? That’s all it takes for Bloat Banisher to completely eliminate common causes of bloating including food insensitivities, water retention, gut damage, or just a really big, delicious meal!

What Are The Top 5 Science-Backed Benefits of Bloat Banisher?

  • Helps with Food Digestion
    Our Bloat Banisher contains a custom blend of 7 digestive enzymes that will help you break down different types of ‘heavy’ foods. For example, it includes amylase, which gives you the green light to eat bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and other starch-rich foods, while melting away stress, mood swings, and lowering inflammation to prevent an autoimmune response.

    Meanwhile, protease allows you to eat dairy and fish by keeping your belly light and flat even after a rich, complex meal. Protease also helps keep diarrhea in check, makes joint discomfort dissolve, and can help stop allergies too.

  • Flattens Your Tummy
    The pure plant extracts in Bloat Banisher are scientifically proven to annihilate gas build-up by calming down the irritation in your stomach and gut fast. The effects are so powerful that you can see the tummy deflate right under your eyes, and then you can enjoy a flat and light belly for hours on end. It contains chamomile, a proven traditional way to stop gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Chamomile has been used for centuries to treat indigestion, bloating, gas and ulcers. And today’s science confirms what our ancestors knew, plus some extra benefits for women!

    For example, chamomile has been proven to end hormone-triggered digestive problems even better than regular meds.

  • Eliminates Inflammation
    Bloat Banisher contains Lemon Balm Leaves, also known as the “liquid gold” that calms the entire stomach. This potent gut remedy was so precious and expensive in the Middle Ages, it was called “liquid gold”. And that’s because it can double-kick your worst digestive issues in one go! First, it relaxes the muscles in your gut. This stops bloating, gas, and cramps in their tracks. Secondly, it soothes your gut by ending inflammation and killing free radicals and pathogens that destroy your gut lining.

  • Soothes Your Stomach
    Our Bloat Banisher will also soothe your stomach by reducing inflammation. Marshmallow Root stops inflammation in the stomach and helps heal stomach ulcers, as it has the incredible ability to coat the entire digestive tract with a protective layer. It also seals the cracks and holes in the gut lining. Thanks to this, Marshmallow Root is your secret weapon against leaky gut, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation.

  • Protects Your Gut Lining
    Curcumin protects your gut against damage. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory powers. When you take it, it kills all the bad bacteria and pathogens that destroy your gut, allowing healthy bacteria to flourish and keep you healthy and help you lose weight effortlessly.
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Bloat Banisher

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